Helpful Links

Here are some links that we think might be interesting or helpful to you.  Let us know what you think or if there is a link we should add.

Boise Trails : they offer individual riders and hikers to review trails daily to keep you up to date.

Idaho Enduro Series : Check them out for dates to race or watch.

Knobby Tire Series : A lot of races are coming up so check out the list of dates and locations so you can check them out.

NOBL : Awesome carbon wheels for mountain and cyclocross bikes that can be completely customized.  

PNW Components : Looking for a great dropper or other sweet bike products?  Check them out!

Ridge to Rivers : Hiking and biking trail info for the Boise area but administered by the City of Boise. 

Strava : The best program for keeping track of your hiking and biking.